Thursday, February 18, 2016

Throw Back Thursday

I'm sharing a Throw Back Thursday stitchery. I made this hand embroidered table runner sometime in the '80's.
Wow, I had all but forgotten that I made this piece for my mom.
She pulled it out the linen closet this Thanksgiving to put on the credenza in the dining room.
I was very touched she still had it, let alone, liked it enough to keep it.

Thistledown and Company

I obviously had some time on my hands. I designed the piece, and I should have counted the number of French knots. see green rings) What was I thinking? I was disappointed that it got so wrinkly in the center, of course, I've gotten more wrinkly too. LOL
I must have hooped it wrong. Oh well, I'm not about to do it over.

hand embroidery Thistledown and company
French Knot frenzy

I must say though, that I got pretty good at French knots by the time I was done.

 I've always enjoyed hand embroidery, and besides this piece I have done pillowcases, redwork quilts,
Crazy quilts, and of course stitching on felted wool and woolfelt in many forms.
Below is my Berry Cherry pattern.....more French knots!

I really enjoy blanket stitching by hand too, but it is also nice that a lot of sewing machines have blanket stitching as a choice.  I know not everyone enjoys hand stitching.
Question......Do you enjoy doing hand embroidery? Have you checked out Sue Spargo's work? It is wonderful. I love her designs and the great variety of stitches she uses.
Did you just start doing hand embroidery, or, have you been hand embroidering for a long time?
What's your favorite stitch?

May your threads stay untangled,

Berry Cherry pattern by Thistledown and Company
Berry Cherry Penny Rug

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