Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Time Lapse

Oh my goodness, has it been 2 weeks already? Don't say I didn't warn you. Well, I have been scurrying about gearing up for 20 guests that are coming for Thanksgiving day dinner along with my day to day routines of writing instructions, shipping orders and stitching designs and samples. I hope to be able to show you my new design soon, my photographer a.k.a. my dad, is working on the images and as soon as I have them you'll get a sneak peek. Anyway, I have also been tending my precious squash and ta-da we have squashes! Now remember this is Florida and these are summer squash. They are called Pattypan squash and are very similar to zucchini and yellow squash. At the rate they are going I will soon be sharing them with friends until they beg me to stop. I'm sure that any of you that garden know what I mean. Here are a few pics since the first I showed you which were taken several weeks ago. You'll notice that we had to cage in my earthbox and the reason why is standing in front of my garden. We seem to have acquired a gang of squirrels that rove our yard and they are fond of yummy things like veggies and peanuts. We have gray squirrels and we also have some very cool fox squirrels that have also joined the gang. This one has babies tucked away somewhere because she is obviously nursing. She usually shows up around mid day for a snack. So, back to the squash........ I just love the blossoms, they are so numerous some days, and quite large, about the size of my hand. They are such a beautiful glowing yellow orange, who knows, my squashes may inspire a future design. I have been told that the blossoms are also very tasty, no really. I'll have to try them soon. The bell peppers in front are getting crowded out by the squash but they are holding their own.

Time lapse......Here are my first squashes!!!
The one my husband is holding I already picked as it was getting giant, The other I will pick tomorrow and we'll eat them at Thanksgiving dinner after our game of croquet.

Granted with 20 people coming I will have to add a few other veggies in the mix, but I can't wait to taste them. Time for me to put the stitching aside for a day or two and get busy cooking.

Wishing you all a blessed Thanksgiving,


cathi said...

I hope your squash are very tasty! I've never seen one shaped that way, but then again, I am not a squash connoisseur at all! Is that Spot? She poses very well! Sits there so pretty for you. Have a great Thanksgiving--good luck with cooking for 20--better you than me!


Kwiltsfl said...

Oh wow - neat squash! Let us know how they cook up - and post your recipe, too. Keep those squirrels in peanuts, or they'll gang up and figure out how to raid your Earthbox! They are so cute!


SewCrazyAboutMachineEmbroidery said...

Well, you are much more ambitious than I am! I let Ted do the cooking for Thanksgiving. It's nice to have a husband that cooks! He even makes dessert (not from scratch - but I'm not picky when I don't have to do the cooking). Love your earth box! Too bad the squash had to be jailed to keep the squirrels out! But like most of the woodland creatures, they all just love to nibble. Love your blog and reading what you're up to.