Sunday, November 30, 2008

Talent & ingenuity all in one

I am referring to my friend and fellow quilter Pat La-Pierre McAfee.
She is a super talented free motion quilter and an inventor besides. She was just in Houston at Quilt Market (did I mention I wasn't, boo-hoo) and did a fabulous video for QuiltersTV demonstrating her Supreme Slider. It is the neatest tool. It is a teflon mat the you put on the bed of your machine to create a zero friction surface. This enables you to move the quilt very freely and eliminates shoulder and muscle fatigue while you quilt. I love it and use it whenever I do free motion quilting. Of course, my machine quilting cannot compare to Pat's but it is much better than it was thanks to using the Supreme Slider. One of my first quilts that I quilted on the Free motion Slider was the Lenny the lizard quilt. It's just a wee little quilt, only 9" x 11", but I wanted to fill in the surface well as it is a raw edge fusible applique pattern. You can see in the detail view that I was able to fill in the arm with free motion quilting that didn't look like a 5 year old did it (maybe a 10 year old). Anyway, after that I was a big fan. If you've been hesitant to free motion quilt, watch her video clip and be brave and try free motion quilting, it's a lot of fun. Here's the link to her video clip on QuiltersTV. You can find the Lenny pattern on my website.
Have fun and try new things, it keeps you young!

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Karen said...

A wonderful little quilt!