Sunday, March 29, 2009

Help and Happy Scraps!

Remember my box full of procrastination? (February 4th posting)
Well, thanks to my wonderful mom, I now have a box full of happy scraps. While she was here visiting she insisted we tackle the box of scraps, but I don't think she quite knew what she was in for even though we did it in several small sessions.
I would carry down a grocery bag full at a time and we would sit and chat and sort and then I'd go get more. We decided to sort by color and we also made a bag of scrap binding. At one point during the great scrap event, she finally asked if there was more.....oh yeah mom, there's more.

Needless to say I have a great mom/friend. Projects like these are made so much more fun and easy when you have someone to chat and laugh with as you're working away.
In fact, in the near future me and some BF's are going to do a sewing room intervention of one of our other BF's (you know who you are)
While we were working away and chatting we also came up with some ideas for project organization that I'll share with you, but that's for another day.
After we sorted the behemoth box of procrastination we put them all in zip close bags. This picture shows a portion of the color sorted, neatly bagged, happy scraps. Now I just need to get some pretty boxes or bins and label them for easy retrieval.

I also put aside some of my larger scraps and some extra fabric from my stash to send up to her church for their charity projects. Heaven knows I have fabric to spare!
Are your scraps happy?


andsewon said...

Hummmm...think your Mom would like to visit historic Virginia??? Well my lil part of it...I could use her help here! Ha!!
That looks awesome!!

Lisalou said...

I agree with 'andsewon', your Mom can visit Texas anytime! Great way organize!

Poutres said...

You have a great mom, that's for sure. I wish I had mine with me too.