Sunday, September 27, 2009

hairnets and hunger

The other day a small mob of quilters and I were invited to participate in a very worthy charitable endeavor.
The organization is called Kids Against Hunger and they package and distribute nutritious meal packages to those in need. Which unfortunately is many.
The church our friend Barbara belongs to was looking for about 100 volunteers to assist in packaging these meals. As quilters ever on the lookout for a new adventure and an opportunity to help, we naturally said yes.
We showed up en mass and formed a lovely hair-netted, giggling, but productive assembly line. (sorry no pictures - or none that I know of) With very few mishaps (oops, there go some beans) the hours flew by very quickly. The tally at the end of the event was 5,000 packages! Of course we worked up quite an appetite and so went out to lunch afterward feeling very thankful for our full bellies.

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Sewing Junkie said...

During the Summer months when the kids are not in school to get a meal at lunch time the local church volunteers package a sack lunch for kids three days a week. They get a juice box a sandwich some carrot sticks and apple and maybe a cookie or brownie. Each day the sandwich is different. It started out just a few kids knew about it and I think they are up to over 400 sack lunches each day they serve. Many parents can't feed their children through the Summer months and the Churches and food banks and the schools have gotten a list of the children that are at home by themselves dring the day or need assistance. There are several locations where the kids come to get their lunches. They can eat at the location or take them home. This is a great way to make sure kids have a meal each day through the summer months. Chris