Wednesday, May 11, 2011

more fabric play......

Let's see, where did I leave off????
Oh yes, we rust dyed our fabrics and then we were playing with creating our own stamps to use on our fabrics.  We used all manner of things to make our stamps.....
Cathi used some sort of discarded kitchen utensil for this one. Hmmmm, Cathi, won't you miss that in the kitchen???? LOL Then she over-stamped it with a small commercially made texture stamp. This turned out very cool, I also like the way the brush strokes still show up from painting the stamp surface with the fabric paint.
Cathi's stamp work
Cathi also made this stamping using two different stamps and two colors, one stamp was made with assorted washers and the other was the toothpick stamp. Stunning!

Cathi's double stamp fabric
Karen made her stamp using assorted washers and created a tone-on-tone look by using a
subtle, neutral fabric paint.
Karen's stamped piece - step 1

 Karen then over-stamped it using a metallic paint achieving a dimensional effect...
Karen's stamped piece - step 2

Here is Marti's stamped piece showing the two distinct stamp designs and colors she used.
I love the paper clip stamp. This was so much fun!
Marti's double stamped fabric
This is my stamped piece that I did using a stamp made with metal bobbins....
I stamped onto a white-on-white print fabric and then over-stamped it with a 
commercially made dot texture stamp.
Linda's stamped fabric

Karen enjoys calligraphy and so she was drawn to this commercially made 
stamp, and I can see why....

Unfortunately, Marti was going to have to leave early and our day was ticking away......
 So we moved on to surface design using stencils and rubbing plates but more on that next time....

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