Friday, March 19, 2010

Quilt Day download

What are you doing to celebrate National Quilt Day??? 
Do you have plans to attend an event, get together with friends to stitch,  go shopping for fabric, or start a new project? Maybe you're participating in one of the many group charity projects.
Here are just a few projects you can get involved in:
In celebration of National Quilt Day, I did stitch up a great little table topper and.....
 you can download the instructions for free from my website! It's a fabulous way to spread the joy of quilting so tell your friends too.

Also.... on Monday I will be starting a new giveaway! Spread the word.
OMG, I have been out goofing off with my family that is visiting and have been so bad about blogging. I will have some fun stuff to share once I sit still long enough to share it! Hope you have a wonderful quilty weekend!

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