Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Frozen Frogs - it's all relative

Okay, technically this is still winter but OMG it's just not usually this chilly -  in March - in South Florida.
Hopefully it won't get as cold as it did the morning I took this picture of our frozen bird bath! The frogs BTW were a hostess gift from my dear SIL Lisa and her sisters, Dorrine, Linda and Joyce that came to visit us. Aren't they a hoot!
Now I'm not complaining about the below average's just that if I'd have known, I would have stocked up on some warmer clothes! Most of the year we are wearing about the same type of wardrobe, and it is a nice change to finally get to wear a sweater - without sweating! Of course visitors from the north don't find it chilly, they're even wearing shorts - I guess it's all relative.

Speaking of relatives....... my dear cousin Cindy is in town this week and we haven't seen each other in years (like maybe 10) so we spent the day together doing lunch and shopping (no I didn't buy a sweater) and catching up and giggling, it's like 10 years had never passed. While I was growing up I guess she's the closest I ever had to a sister and it did my heart good to see her again.
After I moved away to Florida it took me some time, but now I have a cherished group of friends that I also consider my sisters. They are a joy and they happen to be quilters too - imagine that!
Do you have actual family sisters, chosen sisters or both??


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Sounds like a great visit!
I have five sisters (and three brothers). Actually, my Mom and I are flying to Florida tomorrow to stay with one of my sisters - here's hoping for no more frozen bird baths!

Linda/Thistledown and Co. said...

It should be warming up this weekend for you. Have fun!

Darlee Byron said...

Those frogs are so cute!! I don't think the bird baths stay frozen long where you are!!