Thursday, March 4, 2010

seeing red

It's button-button Thursday already! Gosh that was a quick week.
Well dear friends, during this weeks journey into the button tin - red caught my eye and I found a tresaure trove of glorious red buttons.
I love seeing the buttons with little pieces of thread still looped through them. You know they were sewn onto something at one time. Did one fall off and never get sewn back on, or was it taken off when the garment was worn out and discarded? Maybe it was even passed on in the button tin from the grandmother or mother-in-law. There are some buttons that show a lot of wear. They must have been used on a much favored garment that got a lot of use.
Then, there are the buttons that still have the metal "staple" that holds them onto the rack cards you buy them on. You know these were never used. Why not? Was it a blouse or dress started and never finished? Were they purchased for something particular in mind or just as a whim? Heaven knows I have buttons in my own button box that fall into all of those categories!!!
So many buttons - so many stories...........


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I love to save buttons. I have a jar that I am filling up with vintage buttons. And then there's the basket with new buttons :-) Buttons just have so much character.

Darlee Byron said...

Wonder what the inventor of the button would think of our collections? Your red buttons are great! Perhaps we've been busy again with our projects... since there isn't much on TV worth watching after the winter olympic games... for the week to have flown by!