Thursday, April 16, 2009

The new BFF pattern for spring

Yes, I've finished the latest in the BFF series the "BFF Celebrate Spring" quilt. As in the first BFF quilt (Dresses & do's) the best friends are permanent appliqués but their outfits, hairdos, pets and even their shoes are Swap-pliqués™, changeable, mix & match appliqués.
The BFF Celebrate Spring pattern features 5 playful spring outfits, 3 new hairdo's, new pets plus numerous fun accessories to mix & match. There's a ballerina outfit, a delightful gardening outfit (go figure) , an Easter bunny costume, an Easter dress and a rainy day outfit. The pattern includes the instructions for the quilt as well as the outfits. All of the outfits, hairdo's etc. mix & match between both BFF patterns so your Best Friends wardrobe can keep growing. You don't want them wearing the same old thing all the time do you?
The new pattern should be up on my site early next week.


Lisalou said...

OMG! Those are so cute! I can't wait! Keep up the great work!

andsewon said...

Oh how cute they are!!
I hope I can work on my 'gift' pattern soon.
With the good weather though we
will work outside right much...well DH will and I will supervise... ha!!