Thursday, April 9, 2009

Welcome to Thistledown studio

Good Morning ! If you were actually here in person I would pour you a cup of fresh coffee or tea and we would sit and chat. However, seeing as you're not,go ahead and pour yourself a cup and come on in for a visit. I did at least put out a "virtual" welcome mat for you, but don't take your shoes off, there may be a few stray pins around!
Welcome to my studio, actually my new studio. This tour was very timely in that we just did some major space shifting in our house to make way for my new space, a.k.a. Thistledown studio as my friends like to call it.
It is still a work in progress but I am just loving it! I hope you enjoy your visit here and then have fun visiting all the other studios in the tour. To get there, simply click "next"on the studio tour graphic over in the right sidebar.

First I'll give you a look at my former work space(s). I was spread all over the house. I had this table given to me by my friend Marti and I plunked it down in an open area. This is where I put my sewing machine. Then to cut I would take over the dining room table, and my fabric stash and other supplies were upstairs in my original sewing room. The original room was cute but small, only about 7' x 11' and was way to far removed from the goings on of the rest of the house.
Which is why I didn't work up there. Even though this table was not a good decorating decision
it had a nice view out the windows and I didn't feel so isolated.

Then enough was enough and the question was put forth....did we really need a living room and family room?
Well, not really but we ended up with both and my new studio besides!

Here is the "living room" which was mostly used when my stitching friends would visit, which still allowed my hubby his giggle free sanctuary in the family room. Not that he doesn't like a good laugh but you know what I mean. Anyway the living room ended up where the work table was and we like it better there after all.

Here's the former living room, getting ready to become studio. I should have painted the wall around the large window (left side of photo) maybe you can suggest some paint colors for a future rainy day paint party.
Okay, before you see the new "studio" I want you to know I didn't "stage" or even vacuum the studio beforehand. I want you to see it like it is everyday. Well, some days are better than others, but honestly, wouldn't you rather see the real studio with fabric snips on the floor and the shelves in disarray? Well, here in my studio tour, real is what you're going to get. I'm up against a couple of deadlines and when I'm designing the fabric flies about (along with pins, thread, etc.) so pardon my mess. It's gotten worse as the day went on.
Ta-da.... my spacious new space! It is also right next to my office so I can pop in and out to check e-mail, do printing etc.
My original work table fits nicely by the window with fabulous north light and my machine now sits on the work counter I had upstairs. It's simply a laminate countertop piece we got at a home improvement store and I have it sitting on 2 two drawer file cabinets. To hide the back (and all the clutter underneath) I made a "drape" of canvas and we nailed it with a furring strip to the
back of the countertop.

In fact here is a picture of my fabric shelves after a few days of designing. Not quite as neat and tidy as the picture below? Oh well, nothing a day of folding and sorting won't fix.
I would also like to get some more storage bins. I really like these fabric covered ones I found. I want to put my organized scraps in them.
I also have goals for my shelves. I would love to reorganize my fabrics enough so I might have room for some favorite books and do-dads on the shelves. I think I may have enough fabric on hand. OMG! And we had to carry that all down from upstairs.
I also want to find a space for my pincushions.


I also have to find a good spot to hang my inspiration wall, and I still have to mount my multi-plug power strip. But given it's only been about 3 weeks since the transformation I think it's coming together pretty good so far.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by for this visit. If you have any questions about my studio or my dis-organization, just ask. If you have any suggestions I'd love to hear from you.
My studio may not make the pages of a glossy magazine, but it's real, it's mine, and it works for me. It is, and probably always will be, a work in progress but aren't we all?


Lisalou said...

Very nice! I love the flip flop pin cushion!! Too cute!

SewCrazyAboutMachineEmbroidery said...

Love the pincushions and glad to see you got more "real estate" to create!

Margaret said...

Great idea to transform the living room into the studio. It looks terrific.

Ann said...

Thanks for the tour. Your new studio looks great and must be a pleasure to work in. Pop in to visit mine some time!

cathi said...

I love it, but you already know that! Just think how even more creative you'll be in your new "studio"! And we have to get those inspiration walls going!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Great studio - and for only three weeks in the new location, very much organized.

andsewon said...

Nice space to work in for sure! You made a great choice.
Also nice to see a 'real used space' not one that looks like it is never used. I am messy when I 'create' and sometimes would think the only messy one on the planet! Ha!!
Thanks for sharing your space with us!!

Kwiltsfl said...

Thistledown Studio is awesome - and makes me long to get my space in order. I may have to order a dumpster first! LOL

MMM said...

I love re-purposing a room, super idea! The pincushions are soooo cute and I need to know what kind of sewing machine you have - the throat space is huge! Thanks for sharing your space with us :) ~Marguerita

Joy said...

Lots of lovely space to create!! Thanks so much for the tour, and I love your pincushions :o).
Joy :o)