Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tropical Toucan

Gosh, guilty again. Has it been another week? Well, I've sent my Toucan off on it's way to Quilt Market.
Sorry the pic isn't better. I was in a hurry and both the lighting and the perspective were not the best. I had such a good time making this piece. I let the colors inspire me and also the request for something tropical. Other than that I just played around and decided on making the Toucan. I machine quilted the piece but instead of binding it I put a wavy blade in my rotary cutter ( okay, actually my husband changes the blades for me, I'm a klutz) and after I quilted the piece I just cut the edges through all layers. Yes, I did put batting inside but kept it away from the edges so it wouldn't show.
Then I sent hubby outside to cut some bamboo for the hanger. He's such a dear!
This weekend I'm starting a new project organizing system inspired by my mom.
It'll be fun ~ no really it will. You'll see.


cathi said...

Linda, I do love the toucan and the bamboo "hanger" is just perfect! Ok, what's next?????? You've always got something up your sleeve!

Kwiltsfl said...

He came out so cool - and the hanger is the icing on the, toucan! Is your new project something that will help organize The Abyss?

Linda Zokan said...

Thanks and I'm glad you like the toucan. Yes, I always have something else up my sleeve and yes the organizing project will help organize anything! Even your "Abyss"

Ann said...

Hi Linda- hopefully this is not too far back for you to read it- but I love the Toucan and the bamboo felt looks brilliant to sew.