Wednesday, March 20, 2013

An eye on Spring and quilts

Are you seeing signs of Spring where you live? We just recently said goodbye to huge flocks of Robins that migrate through south Florida. We would awake to hundreds of Robins in our yard for about 2 weeks. It was looking like Alfred Hitchcock's movie The Birds, but they have since moved on and are making their way north once again.

Robin on nest in Wisconsin, last Spring

 Spring also means bunnies, right?
These little cuties were at our local County Fair this weekend, there were 8 babies in all and if you look to the left the runt of the liter is snugged up behind it's siblings. 

Some of the other signs of Spring in south Florida are the last of the quilt shows in Florida until Autumn approaches.

I went to the Broward Quilt Expo this past weekend with dear friends Karen and Fran, along with a whole busload of quilt friends. WOO -HOO  road trip!
Fran, Karen, & me...... at the Broward Quilt Expo
We had a great time of course and we were all re-inspired by the fabulous quilts on display.
There was a nice mix of traditional and non-traditional quilts and a nice selection of vendors including my friend Mary with

                         The best of show was a stunning non-traditional quilt by Helia Ricci

The Garden by Helia Ricci

here's a closeup of a portion...

a closeup  "The Garden" by Helia Ricci

here are a few other quilts to enjoy....

closeup of traditional clamshell quilt....a labor of love

This friends quilt is very cool

WOW - these are some BIG yo-yo's  this was in a vendor's booth. 

Nice assortment of fun, contemporary fabrics.

What a fun pineapple quilt!

Lovely traditional sampler

This really caught my eye too

By Molly Waddell

That's all for now....I have to go stitch on some of my stuff... you should go stitch too!

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