Sunday, February 22, 2009

and the lucky duck is.....

Gosh just as suspenseful as a night at the Oscars...
I truly wished you could have all won my giveaway,
I loved all of your comments,
but the lucky duck that wins my spring basket is ....
Congratulations Nanabarb! I hope you'll enjoy your cheery basket of quilt goodies.
Orange you excited!

Thanks so much to everyone that made this so much fun
and especially to our hostess Pat Sloan who keeps us all smiling.
I hope you'll stop by my blog again soon to say hi and see what I'm up to,
it was so nice to meet you all today.
Knock, knock....
who's there?
Orange, you know the rest LOL


Nancy said...

Congratulations Nanabarb, you lucky ducky you!!! Also, thanks Linda for such a fun giveaway. Your blog is great. What a delightful weekend this turned out to be, we were all winners.

Linda said...

Congratulations Nanabarb!

Trudi said...

Congratulations Nanabarb! happy Quilting :o)

Barbara Anne said...

Happy for Nanabarb!

What a fun way to meet new friends - and to have quilt room and stash envy, too!