Thursday, February 26, 2009

Outside the studio window

I promised you a visit this week from Miss Rosie and here she is... Rosie is a Mullican cockatoo and she has got to be the tamest cockatoo I have ever met. A friend brought her by one day for a visit and I tell you I didn't get much done that day. I was too busy playing with Rosie. Most people we know with large birds are always having to say things like "don't stick your finger out" or "don't let her get to close to your face" or other things that definitely make you think twice about even getting near the bird.
Well Miss Rosie LOVES to be held and in fact as you walk past her, she holds up her foot to be picked up. Then she proceeds to sit on your lap like a dog and if you stop petting her she gives your hand a nudge. She is by far the sweetest bird I have had the opportunity to meet. She hung around for the day (her wings are clipped) she sat up in the avocado tree for a while, then she was walking around on the deck some and of course she spent some time on my lap. The squirrels made themselves scarce during her visit, but I'm sure they were watching from the trees.

Speaking of squirrels.... here's the latest snapshot of "baby" the fox squirrel I posted about in early January. You can see he (or she) has grown quite a bit. I tried to get the same pose and placement as the first picture (top) but this is as close as I could get. You can tell he's grown and his coat is getting darker. His mom still comes around once in awhile and on rare occasion his smaller sibling tags along with her when she comes. They are so much fun to watch, Today we spotted a pipevine swallowtail butterfly in the garden, gosh how do I get anything done around here? Okay back to work, hmmmm where was I?

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